• Type B Reciprocating Engine Compliance Management

    Bluefield can assist clients to simplify and significantly reduce the costs of Type B Compliance

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    Type B Reciprocating Engine Compliance Management
  • Hazardous Areas Management

    Bluefield provides inspection services and Hazardous Area Management Software to simplify and reduce your compliance costs. HAVD compilation and ongoing management through our cloud based application will simplify the task of managing hazardous areas.

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    Hazardous Areas Management

"Investment in more assets" = Greenfield or Brownfield Project "simplifying compliance" = Bluefield Project

Hazardous Areas & Type B Compliance

Bluefield assists clients to simplify the task of managing Hazardous Area Compliance. Our cloud based Hazardous Area Management App "ExMan" reduces the required effort to manage this critical task.

Type B Compliance

Bluefield has developed a cloud based application that can significantly reduce the effort and cost associated with Type B compliance and ongoing management for gas reciprocating engines.

Bluefield Compliance Evaluation

Bluefield has developed an evaluation process over many years that can assist client to rapidly get control of compliance to statutory requirements and avoid the risks associated with Critical Equipment

Welcome to Bluefield

Bluefield is an asset management company providing practical services to the resources industry globally. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver results.. We provide solutions to assist clients to significantly reduce the effort and costs associated with managing statutory compliance and asset related risks.


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