Bluefield & Bizenergy conducted a Type B Gas Appliance Lunch and Learn for the Brisbane Operations Team at Origin Energy this week. The knowledge passed on during the presentation covered the following; Systematic approach to Gas Safety & Compliance Identifying the Type B Approval Process that is applicable to your operation Obligations ...


To say a piece of equipment is compliant means that every detail has been checked according to the applicable codes, certification and manufacture specification. This is sometimes seen as dragging out the process but really we are ensuring that every detail is correct, compliant and the equipment is safe for operation. The devil’s in the detail, and the lack of ...


Type B Compliance

Within Australia’s Oil & Gas industry, complying with Type B appliance standards is a hot issue, particularly for those who own, operate or maintain gas-fuelled reciprocating engines in Queensland. To operate legally in Queensland, all types of gas reciprocating engines need the appropriate certifications to ensure compliance is current. Queensland regulations don’t stop with accreditations of current equipment, compliance standards are ...


When managing Hazardous Areas Compliance we have found there are still many paper based inspections being performed coordinated from a multitude of spread sheets. This is workable if you have 50 tags however when you have 1000+ tags or multiple sites this becomes very labour intensive to manage, let alone always knowing the status of your compliance. Our experience has proven that the approach ...


Bluefield Extends Reach to Lapland

Bluefield has completed its initial engagements in Swedish and Finnish Lapland


PNG Business Registered

As part of the Bluefield effort to service remote operating sites Bluefield has recently registered our business to operate in PNG. This will give Bluefield the ability to better service the needs of existing and potential PNG based companies by providing direct access to professional maintenance and asset management services and resources with significant PNG work experience.